Shakespeare is not the only bookstore – Part One.

When anyone mentions the bookshops of Paris, thoughts immediately turn to the Shakespeare Bookshop, and it’s not surprising. If you’ve never been, you really should because it is undeniably lovely.

However, I offer up two other equally wonderful bookstores that are distinctly off the crammed tourist track. These two are enviously beautiful places and the chances are you’ll have them to yourself. Part two tomorrow, but let’s get started in the Latin Quarter.

First up – The Abbey Bookstore Opened in 1989 by Canadian Brian Spence, the Abbey is a book lover’s dream with the thrill of towering books threatening to topple on you as an added bonus.

Spence is very charming and helpful and seems to know where everything is. There are many treasures to be found here and the atmosphere is relaxed and easy, no rush as you squeeze your way through the maze of shelves.

Leave the tourists behind and wallow in delicious booky dust here.






2 thoughts on “Shakespeare is not the only bookstore – Part One.

  1. worldofparis says:

    Great that you write about this subject and helping people remember that. It’s true ‘Shakespeare and company’ is indeed very lovely but there are many more interesting Parisian bookstores 🙂

    • Dawn Finch says:

      Thank you. I hope to help people find a few more hidden gems of your beautiful city. Take a look at my post Tardis Destinations – Part One, I think you might also enjoy that.
      More bookshops to come too!

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