Children’s fiction set in Ancient History

Another blog post collecting titles written for children set in a specific historical period. 

Thanks for all you help with the last collection of titles. I’m asking for your suggestions again, but we’ve moved forward in time. Now I’m looking for fiction and poetry for children based in any of these historical settings; Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Celt, Pictish, Saxon, Viking…. etc.  Anything up to around 1000AD please. 

Thanks in advance! 

Dawn Finch is a children’s writer and librarian, and is currently compiling a book about historical fiction for children.

5 thoughts on “Children’s fiction set in Ancient History

  1. Louise bell says:

    Caroline Lawrence. The Roman Mysteries?

  2. claireatwakefieldlibraries says:

    I remember reading the phraoah seekers by Roy Pond as a young teen in the 1990s, a whole series set in ancient egypt

  3. adathecadre says:

    Left out several more by Rosemary Sutcliffe. 2 more Romano-British Dawn Wind & The Outcast (which I do not like quite as much as the others). 3 Viking ones. Sword song is set in the earliest historical perion, though she wrote it later.My personal favourite is The Shield Ring. It has a female hers and is set in a Viking settlement in Buttermere just after the Norman Conquest. Blood Feud is also Viking, set in Miklagard & Dublin.

  4. adathecadre says:

    Rosemary Sutcliffe – Eagle of the 9th, The Silver Branch, The Lantern Bearers, Mark of the Horse Lord, Song for a Dark Queen. All Romano-British
    Geoffrey Trease- The Crown of Violet – Greece
    As teenager/young adult I was very keen on Mary Renault’s novels, set in Ancient Greece, not so much The King Must Die and Bull from the Sea, which explore myths, but the more historical ones. The Last of the Wine, The Mask of Apollo, Fire from Heaven, The Praise Singer.

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